Making connections – teacher education in Russia and England in the twenty-first century


At IFTE 2018 in Kazan, drawing on a cross-national project called “Learning to Teach: Building Global Research Capacity for Evidence-Based Decision Making” (Tatto and Menter, 2019), I outlined a six point set of criteria for evaluating teacher education systems (Menter, 2018).  In this year’s presentation I will look more closely at England and Russia and seek to identify specific similarities and differences between the two national systems.  In part this builds upon earlier work carried out with colleagues at Kazan Federal University (Menter, Valeeva and Kalimullin, 2017), but it also seeks to prepare the ground for further work we are currently undertaking that seeks to present in more detail, accounts of the past, present and future of Russian teacher education.  In so doing, the presentation will especially focus on the three main themes of the conference, early career development, continuing learning and research-based teacher education.

Ian Menter


Ian Menter
Emeritus Professor of Teacher Education, Kellogg College, University of Oxford