Discovering or recovering? The place of ethics in teacher education


One of the defining features of a profession is an ethical code of practice and there is recognition that teaching is an inherently ethical and moral act. Teachers make ethical decisions, individually and collectively, consciously and unconsciously, and routinely, as part of their day-to-day classroom practice. In this keynote I will explore how teacher education curricula prepare new teachers for their ethical and moral responsibilities. It will consider the place of ethics within teacher education curricula and whether the growing emphasis on the ethical dimensions of professional practice has been heightened by the complexities of society in the 21st century or represents an attempt to recover the underpinning principles and purposes of education and to restore the place of professional values as central to teacher education.

Margery McMahon


Margery MacMahon
Professor, Director of the Professional Learning and Leadership Research and Teaching Group (RTG), Senior Lecturer in Professional Learning and Leadership School of Education, University of Glasgow