The main challenges faced by Russian pedagogical educati


 Today’s problems facing the teacher in school:

 – individualization of learning – to teach everyone the same way – does not work;

 – the need to provide and cognitive (development and processing of information, turning it into knowledge and ways of activity), and non-cognitive (behavioral and social skills) development in the study of school subjects;

 – increasing (or at least not lowering) the motivation and interest of students in learning;

 – changing requirements for pedagogical activity: from primarily the transmission of culture to learning life in a rapidly changing world.

The need for new professional positions of a teacher in society is not only a subject teacher, but also a mentor and a pilot in the ocean of information.  Ensuring the development of today’s required competences of students and the training of new types of literacy.

To these challenges are added unsolved urgent problems of pedagogical education:

 – transition to an activity approach in teacher training;

 – insufficient mastering by students of professional pedagogical knowledge of knowledge (professional standard of a teacher),

 – the balance of scientific and practical subject and psychological-pedagogical knowledge was not found,

 – students do not master the model of the teacher’s activity in the zone of the nearest development of students;

  – students do not teach joint collectively distributed activities of teachers to ensure the cognitive and non-cognitive development of students.

Tomorrow’s problems of teacher education:

 – a new context of the system of division of pedagogical work using information technologies and AI (school with a new system of division of labor, mediated by IT systems, blended learning, tutors as specialists in understanding)

 – professional activity of a teacher in an open educational space and the multiplicity of subjects of pedagogical influence on students, associated with the deinstitutionalization of education, the powerful impact on adolescents of external (including digital) environment;

 – Teacher as a tutor, consultant, development facilitator.

Research Required:

 – standard 2040 in the conditions of a new system of division of labor;

 – research and design of a new model of collective activity of teachers of the school, aimed at the achievement of metasubject and personal results of students;

 – the image of the teacher in the new system of division of labor;

 – educational program, reflecting the mechanism of division of labor;

 – neurocognitive learning mechanisms;

 – A new model of the Federal State Educational Standards of pedagogical education, taking into account the professional and personal characteristics of the teacher;

 – A description of the new professional knowledge of the teacher;

 – Qualification exam for graduates of educational programs for training teachers;

 – map of the dynamics of the development of thinking and personality of the student (including using the portfolio);

 – the creation of a library of alienated pedagogical cases for solving typical complex situations.

Viktor Bolotov


Viktor Bolotov
PhD, Professor, Member of Russian Academy of Education, Higher School of Economics, Russia