Natalia Selivanova

Natalia Selivanova

Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor, Chief Researcher, Institute for Education Strategy, Russian Academy of Education

Natalia Leonidovna Selivanova has been dealing with problems of theory and practice of education for almost 50 years.

The focus of her research always had questions about the preparation of future teachers. The book “Education … Education? Education! ”, Co-authored with L.I. Novikova and V.A. Karakovskiy was awarded the Prize of the President of the Russian Federation in the field of education in 1997.

About fifteen years Natalia Selivanova heads the scientific school “A systematic approach to the upbringing and socialization of children and youth”, continuing the work of its creator – academician L.I. Novikova. This school is known not only in Russia, but also abroad.

She is a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education. Natalia Selivanova is a member of the editorial boards of many pedagogical journals. Selivanova is an expert activity. She is an expert in four Russian funds, including those under the patronage of the President of the Russian Federation. Since 1990 Natalia Selivanova is a member of the international association “Moral education”, since 2012 – a co-founder of the Russian-Italian cultural association “Our World – Dialogue of Cultures”.

Lecture: Why is it so difficult to be a teacher – educator in modern school?

Recent publications

Selivanova N. Professional Maintenance of Wellbeing Activities for Novice Teachers: Theoretical and Methodical Considerations / Natalia L. Selivanova // Developing Teacher Competences: Key Issues and Values. – Nova Science Publishers, 2020. P. 273-285

Selivanova N. Upbringing in schools in Russia: from problems to an approximate program / Nataliya L. Selivanova, Pavel V. Stepanov, Irina V. Stepanova, Irina S. Parfyonova // Proceedings of the Dialogue of Cultures – Culture of Dialogue: from Conflicting to Understanding (DCCD 2020). – Pages 873-880.