Steven Kushner

Steven Kushner

Professor of the Department of Psychiatry, Erasmus University of Rotterdam

Stephen Kushner is a professor, head of a research laboratory dealing with the problems of the neurobiological and genetic foundations of mental illness. The professor’s work in the field of human genetics and fundamental neurobiology is devoted to the study of the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying neuropsychiatric disorders, the selection of the best clinical strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, including the use of stem cells for the treatment of mental illness.

Professor of the Department of Psychiatry, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University and New York State Psychiatric Institute, USA.

Lecture: Genetics of Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Kushner, S. (2020) Second-tier trio exome sequencing after negative solo clinical exome sequencing: an efficient strategy to increase diagnostic yield and decipher molecular bases in undiagnosed developmental disorders. Human Genetics. 139(11), 1381-1390.
  • Kushner, S. (2020) Netrin-G2 dysfunction causes a Rett-like phenotype with areflexia. Human Mutation. 41(2):476-486.