11 June 2020

Brest State Technical University took part in IFTE



Scholars from Belarus took part in vIFTE this year: Prof.  Zhigalova M.P. became a member of the research group “Strategies for transformation of teacher education” and took part in its work as one of IFTE experts. The research group presented the results of the study of modern transformation processes in teacher education, their genesis and development prospects, the evolution of curricula, Russian and foreign management strategies in the field of teacher training. M.P. Zhigalova presented a report: “The specific features of training and retraining of education specialists in Belarus under modern conditions.”


Along with other experts from foreign countries, M.P. Zhigalova recorded a video interview that was presented to the participants of the international forum.


Prof.  Zhigalova discussed the main problems faced by teachers, students and parents in Belarus in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and suggested what lessons the teacher training system should learn from this situation. In her speech, she noted that “distance learning can be used as one of the innovative teaching tools that complement traditional forms, but in no case can be the main form, as live communication with a teacher not only motivates students to gain knowledge , but also helps to master the material that forms and develops professional competencies of the student”.


Maria Zhigalova expressed her gratitude to the organizers of the Forum:


“I would like to thank the participants and organizers of the forum for the fruitful work and I’d like to express hope that it will help the academic community in different countries to reach a new level of education, and therefore, to improve both the quality of education and the level of training of specialists in different fields of knowledge”.