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Guidelines for creating a virtual poster and audio presentation for the poster

A virtual poster is similar to a traditional paper poster. Virtual posters and accompanying audios will be uploaded to the IFTE-2022 official website and the Forum repository and will be available for electronic viewing at all times for every participant. Please note that posters are submitted only in electronic form. A virtual poster should be presented in English. When creating a virtual poster, please do not change the title and the team of authors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sections should a virtual poster contain?
– A poster should contain the following sections: introduction, research objectives, research methodology, research results, conclusions. Also, have a look at the sample posters here.

Do I need to include the logo of my university and of the IFTE-2022?
– Yes. You should include both logos. You can download the IFTE-2022 logo in this archive.

A virtual poster is…
– … is a single page or slide in album orientation that summarizes your research.

What format should I choose?
– Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF file.

What font should I choose?
– You should use standard fonts (Arial or Times New Roman) and font size 16 or more.

The size of the file…
– …should not exceed 1MB.

What background should I choose?
– A plain background without drawings is preferred. You should not use dark colors.

– …should be readable and include correct headings.

What about drawings and graphs?
– All drawings and graphs should be clear. High-quality drawings and graphs are preferred.

What about virtual poster style?
– You should not overflow the virtual poster with information. It is better to focus on its quality. Please make your text understandable to every participant of IFTE-2022.

What is the deadline for sending posters and audios to them?
– The deadline is 22nd of May, inclusive..

What are file naming requirements?
– Please follow the example: Smith A. & Adams B. POSTER Title

Virtual poster sample is here (DOWNLOAD)

Virtual poster template is here (DOWNLOAD)

You can download the IFTE-2022 logo here (DOWNLOAD)

Video presentation

What is a video presentation?
– A video presentation is a video clip created from a ready-made presentation (e.g. in PowerPoint). This is a unique opportunity to voice and comment on the results of your research. When preparing a presentation, it is not recommended to read the information included in the slides. The purpose of creating a video presentation is to clarify the methodology and methods of analysis, stages of the study, as well as the data. This approach aims to generate a lively scientific discussion in a virtual format.

Do I need to include my university logo and the logo of IFTE-2022?
– Yes. You are to include both logos.

What quality should be a video presentation?
– The maximum option full HD 1920 x 1080 or medium HD 1280 x 720.

What size should the file be?
4 megabytes tops.

In which program can I create a video presentation?
– A video presentation can be created in different programs (Microsoft Teams, Keynote). We suggest using PowerPoint. You can find step-by-step instructions clicking this link for the guidelines (DOWNLOAD).

In what format should I save the video?
– Recommended video formats: .mp4, .wmv, .avi, mpeg4

How long should the recording be?
– 15-20 minutes

How should I name the file?
– Please, name it as Ivanov I.I. et al. TITLE video.

Who should create a video presentation?
– Any co-author on your team can make a video presentation.

What language should the video presentation be in, Russian or English?
– In the same language you plan your participation.

Video recording is done, what are my next steps?
– The video file must be uploaded to the cloud storage (Yandex Disk, Google Drive, Mail Cloud or any similar service). Make sure that the file is accessible via a direct link without any restrictions and additional requests.

The deadline for sending a video presentation – May 22, inclusive.

What's happening?
Latest news
3 June 2022
The Scientific Committee of IFTE has chosen the winners of the IFTE-2022 Poster sessions

Throughout the Forum, poster sessions were available to view on MS Teams platform where participants could get acquainted with their colleagues’ research results. The Forum participants were invited to take part in fruitful scientific discussions. Participants could ask questions, share their research experience, leave comments about the posters in specially organized chats.

The IFTE-2022 scientific committee examined each poster and chose 3 best presentations, authors of which receive a personal invitation to attend IFTE-2023 and a conference fee waiver. These authors are:

  • Konygina E.A., Retinskaya T.I.The specifics of working out the special course “Synonymy of French argots”.
  • Pirogova O.D., Ryabinina V.S. Burnout and everyday stressors during the pandemic.
  • Guterman L.A., Zotova T.A., Erashova E.S.A competency-based model for career adaptation of university graduates with disabilities.

The organizing committee has chosen the most active participant of the poster sessionsAdamian A.P. – who also receives a personal invitation to attend IFTE-2023 and a conference fee waiver.