• Where do I register for IFTE-2023?


  • Where can I find the template and example of an abstract?

The template and an example of an abstract are available at the following link: https://ifte.kpfu.ru/en/draft-program/

  • When is the abstract submission deadline?

March 1, 2023.

  • When will I hear whether my paper is accepted?

Notices will be sent out before April 1, 2023 to your email address.

  • Can I participate as a non-presenter (without presentation and paper publication)?

Yes, but you will still need to register at https://event.kpfu.ru/eng/event/7826/.

  • What is the format of the IFTE-2023?

In person participation.

  • When will the IFTE-2023 Programme be available on the website?

May 10, 2023.

  • Can I present in Russian?

Yes. You can present in Russian and/or English.

  • Can I present a paper but not submit an article for publication?


  • Can I submit an article for publication without presenting a paper at the Forum?


  • Will I receive a participation certificate?

Yes. Your certificate will be automatically generated in your account after the Forum.

  • When is the deadline for paper submission?

April 20, 2023.

  • Where can I find requirements to and the template of the article published in the RSCI-indexed IFTE-2023 Proceedings?


  • What is the largest number of contributors to a single research article?

Four contributors.

  • Will the IFTE-2022 Proceedings indexed in the Scopus database?

No. However, the chief editor of the journal ‘Education and Self-Development’ (Scopus, Q3) will select the best articles for publication in the special issue of the journal.

  • Is there a submission fee for the article published in the IFTE-2023 Proceedings indexed in the RSCI database?


  • When will the IFTE-2023 Proceedings be indexed in the RSCI database?

Within 3 months after the IFTE-2023 Proceedings are issued.

What's happening?
Latest news
30 November 2022
Registration for IFTE-2023 is about to start!

Registration for the IX International Forum on Teacher Education IFTE-2023 will start on December 1, 2022! The Forum will traditionally take place at Kazan Federal University in May 24-26.

The main topic of the Forum is: "The Quality of Teacher Education in the Context of Modern Challenges".

The main themes of IFTE-2023 were defined as follows:

  1. Education in modern socio-cultural conditions: traditions, new challenges, responsibility.
  2. Teacher training as a factor in the effectiveness and efficiency of teacher education.
  3. Historical and pedagogical heritage and teacher training: national values, modern understanding, and best practices.


A number of parallel sessions will be organised with academic institutions of higher education in Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan as part of IFTE-2023. Nukus State Pedagogical Institute (Republic of Uzbekistan, Karakalpakstan) will host IFTE2023:Uzbekistan on May 29-30, 2023.


The IFTE Forum is one of the largest scientific platforms in the world that focuses on the issues of teacher education, organised at Kazan Federal University, which is the Russian leading university in the subject area ‘Education’ (position 151-175) according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Over 1,500 scientists from 29 countries representing 214 higher educational institutions and scientific organisations became participants in IFTE-2022, organised jointly with the Russian Academy of Education. A novelty was the cooperation with the Association “Educators of Russia Forum” which made it possible to involve more than 10 thousand educators from most regions of the Russian Federation in the discussion of urgent problems of education. Thus, the Forum became one of the largest events in the field of teacher education, not only in our country but also in the world. The work of IFTE-2022 was organised in offline, online, and blended formats. Over 800 scientists took part in various sessions in person. Over the three days of the Forum, 1,077 entries were made to the various Forum sites from Russia, China, Ireland, India, Brazil, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and other countries.

Please visit https://lomonosov-msu.ru/eng/event/7826/ to register.