23 April 2020

New format

Due to the aggravated epidemiological situation in the world and in the Russian Federation connected with the spread of the coronavirus COVID- 19, we intend to hold IFTE-2020 in virtual format from May 27, 2020 to June 9, 2020. virtualIFTE-2020 is a unique opportunity to present, discuss and promote research results of leading Russian and foreign scientists in the field of teacher education in a virtual format. The success of our virtual Forum will depend on all of us working together and creating a common academic space.

HOW? Decentralized, synchronous and asynchronous events and discussion forums on different online and social media platforms

virtualIFTE-2020 is our first ever experience of holding a large-scale conference totally in a virtual format. We consider this unique experience as an opportunity to explore different online platforms to continue our mission of promoting high-quality research in the field of teacher education.

The virtual Forum will feature both synchronous and asynchronous events, many of which will be recorded and uploaded in an open access to the Forum official YouTube channel to promote as wide participation as possible among scholars and educators interested in teacher education and related fields.

virtualIFTE-2020 synchronous and asynchronous events will be organized on the platform Microsoft Teams. This software allows Forum participants to plan seminars, demonstrate presentations, video files, share documents, conduct online tests and polls, and chat with other participants. User guides and necessary guidelines to prepare your presentations are available in the sections ‘For speakers’ and ‘For participants’.

WHERE? virtualIFTE-2020 content and materials will be available in an open access on the virtualIFTE-2020 official website http://ifte.kpfu.ru/ru/glavnaya/ official YouTube channel and the platform ‘Lomonosov’

We will mobilize social media to share information about the virtualIFTE-2020 events with all the participants and the broader audience.

WHEN? May 27 to June 9 2020

virtualIFTE-2020 will begin on May 27, 2020 as originally planned and will continue till June 9, 2020. This will allow us to unfold as much of the conference program as possible into virtual space, while being mindful of different time zones and preparations necessary for online participation.


All registered participants are automatically transferred from an  originally planned onsite IFTE-2020 to virtualIFTE-2020. No action on the part of the registrant is needed for this to happen – this is the default option.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your patience, support, and enthusiasm to help us transform IFTE-2020 into the virtual program. We believe it is a great opportunity to experiment with the new modes of intellectual engagement. We count on your participation to help us create a dynamic and inclusive virtualIFTE-2020 experience!

Hope to see you then!
virtualIFTE-2020 Program committee