11 June 2020

Vice President of Kyrgyz Academy of Education took part in IFTE


Ulanbek Mambetakunov, the Vice President of the Kyrgyz Academy of Education, took part in the VI international forum on teacher education. According to the press service of the Kyrgyz Academy of Education, U.E. Mambetakunov notes that the main goal of the forum is to present, discuss and promote relevant scientific and educational research in the field of teacher education in times of transformation, choice and challenge; exchange of experience and discussion of questions on promising forms of academic and methodological support for innovative teacher education, new developments and achievements in the field of educational technologies, as well as strengthening academic cooperation between Russian and foreign teachers.


According to the KAO press service, Professor Mambetakunov presented a report “On the current state of teacher training in Kyrgyzstan” as part of the research group session “Strategies for the transformation of teacher education” (the goal of the group is to study modern transformation processes in teacher education, their genesis and development prospects, evolution of curricula, Russian and foreign management strategies in the field of teacher training). The moderator of the group was Professor Kalimullin (director of the Institute of Psychology and Education).