29 May 2020

Authoritative international association for teacher education ISATT supported IFTE

One of the most authoritative and representative associations for teacher education ISATT published IFTE press release on its official website. It proved that Kazan University is internationally recognized in the field of education and demonstrated the present condition of education in Russia.

Scholars from 53 counties including the UK, Italy, USA, Canada, Romania, South Africa, Brazil, Greece, China confirmed that they are participating in the international forum.

Kazan University started cooperation with ISATT in 2011. In 2016 a number of scholars from the Institute of Psychology and Education became members of the Association.

It is not the first time when the authoritative association takes its interest in research work carried at Kazan University. In 2018 the ISATT regional conference was held as part of the V International Forum on Teacher Education. Publications by Kazan researchers from Kazan University were among Newsletter articles published by ISATT once in three months.

Professor Sheryl Craig from Texas A&M University and ISATT Association president takes part in the VI International Forum on Teacher Education. She became one of the key speakers and presented the report on Learning what matters in teaching and teacher education research.