28 May 2020

IFTE participants to discuss modern approached to teacher training

“What should the teacher of the future be like?” was the key issue of the “Modern approaches to teacher training” symposium led by Professor Aydar Kalimullin.

549 people from Russia and abroad took part in the symposium, more than 50 of them were actively involved in the discussion.

The rector of the Ural State Pedagogical University, Professor Svetlana Minyurov was the key speaker at the symposium. L. Goryunova from the South Federal University shared her thoughts on how it is possible to design educational programs for training teachers on a masters’ level. T. Ilyevich (Shevchenko Transnistrian State University, Moldova) told about the peculiarities of the social and pedagogical competence formation. The moderator of the symposium Prof. Kalimullin outlined the key objectives of teacher training on the national level: to increase variability of teacher training; to attract talented college graduates to the profession; to develop the best teaching practices from higher school to secondary school and vice versa; to strengthen the practical component of training; to increase fundamental (subject) training; to form the intercultural competence of future teachers, etc.