17 May 2021

An article announcing the IFTE Forum has been published in the ISATT newsletter

In the newsletter of one of the most authoritative and representative international scientific associations in the field of teacher education ISATT – Newsletter, published by the association once every three months, an article was published – the announcement of the VII International Forum on Teacher Education, which will be held at Kazan University in May this year.

The publication emphasizes the importance of the forum in the field of Education and the high level of Russian education in the eyes of the world scientific and pedagogical community.

The editor of the newsletter, Chairman of the International Association for Teacher Education (ISATT) Cheryl Craig gave the floor to Tatyana Baklashova, Executive Director of the Forum.


– IFTE 2021 will bring together more than 1,500 scientists from 210 Russian and foreign universities. Within the framework of the forum, three major international scientific and practical conferences will be held: “Teachers for children with special educational needs”, “Trajectories of education in the era of extreme events”, “Training of a teacher-educator in the XXI century.”

Tatyana Baklashova recalled that the Forum will be held simultaneously online, offline or mixed. Virtual meetings will be hosted on the Microsoft Teams platform.

– The Forum will begin with a large pre-conference event – the I International Conference for Young Educational Researchers, which will take place on May 25.

Key lectures will be delivered by the world’s leading educational researchers. Among them are ISATT Chairman Cheryl Craig, Member of the ISATT Executive Committee, Professor Juan Jose Mena Marcos and ISATT expert, Professor Maria Teresa Tatto.

– We believe that the huge success of IFTE-2020, when more than thirty two thousand participants from all over the world joined the Forum, will awaken even greater scientific interest of scientists and lead to a benevolent and fruitful academic participation during IFTE 2021.

The leaders of the Kazan Federal University thank each of you for your cooperation, participation in joint research projects and academic friendship.

We believe in our vision that, thanks to innovations in education, together we will be able to transform teacher education, – summed up the KFU scientist.

As a reminder, cooperation between KFU and ISATT began in 2011. In 2016, scientists from the Institute of Psychology and Education of the Kazan Federal University became members of this association. In addition, Kazan University is the only higher educational institution in Russia represented on the map of the conference. In 2018, during the IV International Forum on Teacher Education, a regional ISATT conference was held at Kazan University. More than once press releases about scientific articles published by the scientists of the StrAU “Teacher of the XXI Century” in leading international journals on pedagogy were later published in the ISATT digests and the Newsletter.

The organizers of the event and the world pedagogical community are interested in the systematic work on the introduction of new forms and technologies of teacher training, which is being implemented at Kazan University.


For reference

ISATT (International Study Associationon Teachersand Teaching) is an international research association for teacher education and training, founded in 1983. It is considered one of the most authoritative and representative scientific associations in the field of teacher education.

The goal of the association is to increase understanding of the personality, role, work of teachers, as well as the learning process. Therefore, the main objectives of ISATT are to improve the quality of teaching at all levels of education and to position itself as a forum for the promotion, presentation, discussion and dissemination of research results that contribute to the formation of theory in this area.
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