16 February 2024

Developing methodological competence: Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU hosted the first Russian-Indian seminar for students-future teachers

February 15, 2024 was marked by the first Russian-Indian methodological seminar in cooperation of three educational organisations: Kazan Federal University, Partap College of Education and Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. The event was moderated by Deputy Director for International Activities of the Institute of Psychology and Education of Kazan Federal University, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences Tatiana Baklashova, Head of the Institute of Education and Humanities of Baltic Federal University, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Anna Budarina, Principal of Partap College of Education, Professor Manpreet Kaur, and Professor Balwinder Kaur, a teacher at Partap College of Education.

After the visit of scientists from Russian universities to Partap College of Education to participate in the IPDA conference, as well as the opening of the Centre for Russian Pedagogy on its basis (on the initiative of the Baltic Federal University), a common idea to organise a series of methodological seminars was born in order to strengthen international academic cooperation, to intensify the exchange of experience between students-future teachers in search of effective educational practices.

Today there is an active transformation of pedagogical technologies, new learning formats are being implemented. A modern teacher must be able to quickly adapt to new conditions in teaching and keep up with innovations in education, to approach the learning process creatively. In this regard, the issue of education quality is particularly relevant and requires the search for new solutions, which will be actively supported by participation in the seminars.

The purpose of these sessions is to provide a cross-country dialogue between students, future educators studying at universities in Russia and India, countries that maintain long-standing cooperation in different areas of science and technology.

The seminar is all the more valuable because it allows us to see and evaluate the students-potential participants of the jubilee International Forum on Teacher Education IFTE-2024, which will be held at Kazan Federal University from 29 to 31 May 2024. One of the conferences of the Forum will be dedicated to the problem of teacher training in BRICS countries, with a session of young researchers in the field of education of BRICS countries in its palette of events.

As part of the Russian-Indian seminar, three presentations on effective teaching practices were given to students-future teachers. Students Khushi Jain and Ishika Kashyap from Partap College of Education, Master students of the Institute of Education and Humanities Anastasia Gomina and Diana Vakhanova from Baltic Federal University, and student of the Department of Elementary Education of the Institute of Psychology and Education Inna Zharkovskaya from Kazan Federal University (supervisor - Prof. Venera Zakirova) made presentations.

The young researchers presented their practices that showed effectiveness in the activity of a teacher, exchanged valuable experience, listened to the comments of respected professors.