29 March 2022

The Kosovo Educational Research Association is now a partner of the IFTE

The International Forum on Teacher Education IFTE-2022 will be held in two months, on May 25-27, at Kazan Federal University.

1029 Russian and 177 foreign researchers from India, Brazil, Armenia, Argentina, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Iran will discuss the issues of teacher education both online and in-person.

One of the foreign organizations of experts in the field of education — Kosovo Educational Research Association (KEAD) is joining the Forum as a partner.

The Kosovo Educational Research Association aims to carry out national and international academic activities in the field of education, to conduct international projects with academicians and university students and to produce national and international scientific studies, as well as to organize symposium and workshop organizations. The Chairman of the Association is Serdan Kerwan.

You can learn more about KEAD at: https://kead-rks.org/en/home/