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13 November 2023
IFTE-2024: registration for the jubilee forum is about to start

On 29-31 May 2024, the X International Forum on Teacher Education IFTE-2024, which traditionally gathers the best researchers in the field of teacher training from Russian and foreign universities and research organizations, will start in Kazan at Kazan Federal University.

The theme of the Jubilee Forum is "Research Transformation of Teacher Education: Tradition as the Basis for Innovation". Within the framework of this theme, the organizers identified 4 international sub-conferences:

  1. Standardization of teacher education content in BRICS countries: challenges and solutions
  2. Theory and practice of interdisciplinary research in teacher education
  3. Risk-focused teacher education: prevention of destructive behavior, social and psychological threats in education
  4. Ethnic and cultural factors in modern teacher education: regional, national and international experience

Nowadays in scientific circles the issue of improving pedagogical education, searching for new methods and approaches to teaching the younger generation, achieving non-standard scientific and practical heights in combination with various disciplines is very actively discussed. And the possibility of cooperation and exchange of experience with foreign colleagues is a great value, an effective tool that helps to meet the challenges of the time. For this reason, the forthcoming Forum is fully aimed at strengthening international co-operation among scholars in the field of pedagogy. Modernization of teacher education at such a large-scale level will provide new ground for reflection and help to look at domestic education from a different angle.

The first conference of the Forum is dedicated to teacher training in the BRICS countries.  The BRICS interstate association opens up new opportunities for mutually beneficial relations in the field of quality teacher education, which is a key factor in the financial and social stability of countries. Standardization of education systems and their focus on lifelong learning will enable students to acquire new competencies as the world changes.

The second conference addresses interdisciplinary research in pedagogy and psychology. The principle of building effective learning is based on the interaction of pedagogy with other disciplines, and in particular with psychology. For many years psychology has been an invariable companion of pedagogy, because in the educational process it is very important to take into account the psychological characteristics of students. The knowledge of a teacher in the field of psychology can multiply the quality of his/her activity and diversify strategies and trends in the educational sphere.

The third conference is focused on the application of risk-focused approach in the educational process. Proper assessment of risks that represent social and psychological threats in education will help to determine the necessary conditions for a safe educational environment and highlight the benefits of integrating psychology into the pedagogical process.

The Forum will conclude with a fourth and final conference. How cultural diversity influences curriculum development and educational policies, teaching and learning practices, what are the approaches and strategies for creating inclusive educational environments, as well as the issues of ethno-cultural factors, cultural assimilation, acculturation and biculturalism in education - all these topics will be touched upon and explored during the scientific event.

At the moment, preparations for IFTE-2024 are well underway. On 1 December the registration of participants for the forum will open, which will last until 1 March 2024. The deadline for uploading a scientific paper is 20 April 2024.

Additional information is available on the Forum's website https://events.mmco-expo.ru/event-redactor/X-Mezhdunarodnyy-forum-po-pedagogicheskomu-obrazovan (under development), and by email at ipe-dfa@yandex.ru.  IFTE in Telegram https://web-telegram.ru/#@ifte_ipio; https://t.me/ifte_ipio.

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Roza A.Valeeva
IFTE President
D.Sc., Prof., Head of the Pedagogy Department, Institute of Psychology and Education KFU
Aydar M. Kalimullin
IFTE Chair
D.Sc., Prof., Director of the Institute of Psychology and Education KFU
Tatiana A. Baklashova
IFTE Chief executive
PhD, Associate Professor, Deputy Director for International activity, Institute of Psychology and Education KFU