17 September 2021

A study by the young researchers of the Kazan Federal University Institute of Psychology and Education will be the basis for a large-scale international comparative study on bullying

The Bullying Research Network and the World Anti-Bullying Forum announced the launch of an international comparative study  “Examining Teacher Responses to Peer Conflict and Bullying“.

The leading international scholars in the field of bullying studies are Wendy Craig (Queen’s University, Canada), Shelley Hymel (University of British Columbia, Canada), and Susan Sarver (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA).

The research will be based on the methodological foundation of the young researchers of the Institute of Psychology and Education of Kazan Federal University, Darya Khanolainen, and Elena Semenova.

The studies of young researchers can be accessed via the following links of the articles published in highly ranked scientific journals:

Teachers see nothing’: exploring students’ and teachers’ perspectives on school bullying with a new arts-based methodology

School Bullying Through Graphic Vignettes: Developing a New Arts-Based Method to Study a Sensitive Topic